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How Do You Know If Your Loan Modification Rejection Was Unfair?

Applying for a loan modification (one of your options to avoid foreclosure) is a step in the right direction if you can no longer make your mortgage payments and have received or believe you will receive a notice of foreclosure.  You worked hard to purchase your property. It likely never entered your mind that your financial situation could change and your monthly payments would become unaffordable.  But, as is often the case, life happens, and unfortunately things don’t always go as planned. If you have applied for a loan modification, you are hopeful that it will be approved in a timely...

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Could Loan Servicing Error Cause a Foreclosure?

Facing a foreclosure is stressful; you are in danger of losing the property you worked so hard to purchase.  Of course, there are a host of reasons why you may find yourself in this situation, especially when you live in Florida.  Falling ill, changes in employment and even rising homeowners insurance rates can all result in your falling behind on your mortgage payments triggering legal action. But what if you were not at fault? Could errors by your loan servicer actually cause a foreclosure?  Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Types of Mortgage Errors Lenders Make Not Every Mistake Is the Same Purchasing a...

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What Happens if My Home goes into Foreclosure and Goes to Court?

Purchasing property is exciting and a bit overwhelming. After all, your newly acquired home is likely your largest asset, one for which you spent years saving. While the prospect of making such a significant investment may be daunting, you likely approached this transaction in good faith, with the belief that you were financially stable and capable of making all mortgage payments....

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Alternatives to Foreclosure in Florida

If you acquired your home under a mortgage agreement, it's because you hoped to pay it off as and when due. Unfortunately, life happens, and unforeseen circumstances may make you incapable of living up to your mortgage obligations. After missing your payments or receiving a notice of default, the fear of losing your precious home starts staring you in the face. The only question on your mind at this point is, "Are there any alternatives to foreclosure in Florida?"...

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When Should You Hire a Real Estate Attorney in Florida?

Hiring a real estate attorney is one of the first actions you should take with any real estate transaction. Property sales, purchases, transfers, or foreclosures can experience unexpected twists and turns. The scope of your transaction may extend beyond your ability to understand or to manage alone. Therefore, hiring a real estate attorney can benefit you greatly, especially if you hire such an attorney as soon as possible. 5 Reasons Why Hiring a Real Estate Attorney Now is a Smart Move A real estate transaction is a serious legal matter that involves intricate details. One misstep or overlooked detail can derail the purchase...

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