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Plantation Loan Modification Lawyer

Loan modification

Skilled Plantation Loan Modification Lawyer

Our Florida Law Firm Helps Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

Our Florida Law Firm Helps Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

Being behind on mortgage payments is scary. Depending on how far behind you get, it can lead to foreclosure of your home. You could be left with ruined credit and nowhere to live. If you are struggling to pay your mortgage bill on time each month or have missed payments, you may be able to have your loan modified to reduce payment amounts, even if the foreclosure process has already begun. Our experienced Plantation loan modification lawyer, Carlos M. Amor can advise you whether a modification may help you avoid foreclosure based on your unique situation.

Speak With a Knowledgeable Mortgage Loan Modification Lawyer

Attorney Carlos M. Amor has successfully helped many people understand loan modifications and other loss mitigation options to keep their homes. Attorney Amor can advise you about whether a loan modification may be the right option for you.

Call Carlos M. Amor today at (954) 453-7200 to schedule a time to discuss your specific situation. For the convenience of clients, our law firm offers free consultations, by phone, via video meeting, or in person.

What is a Loan Modification?

Advocating for Your Legal Rights with Lenders

Under federal consumer protection law, your lender or loan servicer cannot begin formal foreclosure proceedings on your home until you’ve missed making your mortgage payments for at least 120 days, or four months. Before that time is up, your lender is required to inform you about possible loss mitigation opportunities to avoid foreclosure. One of these loss mitigation options that may help you prevent foreclosure, depending on your individual circumstances, is a mortgage loan modification. Essentially, a loan modification is a refi that occurs after you are behind on your loan, are in default, or already in foreclosure.

In a loan modification, terms of an existing mortgage are permanently restructured toward the objective of reducing monthly payment amounts. Restructuring could mean extending the length of the loan, lowering the interest rate to the current market rate if it’s lower than what you already have, changing your rate from a variable rate to a fixed rate, eliminating late payment fees, forbearing some of the principal balance, or other options.

You can request a loan modification from your lender when you are in pre-foreclosure, which is after you’ve been late or fallen behind on payments but before you’ve received official notification of foreclosure, or even after notification. However, you will only get a loan modification if your lender offers you this loss mitigation option. And sometimes, for various reasons, it isn’t in lenders’ interests to provide loan modifications.

You may stand a stronger chance of getting a loan modification from your lender if you have an experienced mortgage loan modification lawyer advocating on your behalf. Our Attorney Carlos M. Amor can determine whether your lender is in compliance with federal and state foreclosure laws regarding loss mitigation. If they aren’t, he will stand up aggressively on your behalf. He can help you throughout the process of applying for a loan modification, including completing complex paperwork.

We provide free consultations, by phone, via video meeting, or in person. Reach out today at (954) 453-7200 to schedule a time to speak with Carlos M. Amor, an experienced loan modification attorney.

How to Avoid Being the Victim of a Loan Modification Scam

Get Reputable Advice from a Loan Modification Attorney

Unfortunately, there are unethical “loan modification” companies that prey on homeowners who are having trouble making their mortgage payments. These companies promise that for an up-front fee, they can get loans modified. When you’re in danger of foreclosure or foreclosure proceedings have already started on your home, it may be tempting to believe these empty promises, but you shouldn’t. Many of these third-party loan modification and foreclosure “rescue” companies are illegitimate. No one can promise that a lender will modify your loan. And it is illegal to charge up front for loan modification services. Some of these services may ask for thousands of dollars.

If you are being guaranteed a loan modification in return for an up-front fee for services, you can report it to the Florida Attorney General’s office by filing a complaint here.

Get Help with the Loan Modification Process

You have the right to apply directly to your lender for a loan modification. When you have concerns about the complicated application process, how to fill out the forms, what the application should contain, whether your lender or servicer is following the law or why your lender hasn’t responded to your modification request, a skilled mortgage loan modification lawyer will work to address them and will work to safeguard your rights.

Our reputable attorney Carlos M. Amor provides legal assistance to homeowners seeking loan modifications. Attorney Amor is a well-rounded Plantation real estate attorney who practices in the full range of real estate matters. He is also a licensed Florida real estate broker, which gives him even more knowledge and insight into how the real estate and foreclosure process works in the state. He can help you prepare your modification application and advocate for you toward getting satisfactory terms to reduce your mortgage payments.

When you need the assistance of a loan modification attorney who will work compassionately with you while aggressively looking out for your interests, reach out to Carlos M. Amor at (954) 453-7200.

Mortgage Loan Modification Requirements

Guiding You in Preparing Your Loan Modification Application

There are specific requirements for getting a loan modification. In your mortgage loan modification application, you will have to prove to the bank that:

  • You are experiencing financial hardship because of a job loss or other situation.
  • You will have enough income to make payments under the terms of the modified loan.

You’ll need to include information about your personal situation, the property you need a modification on, and other details. Along with the modification application, you’ll likely have to provide supporting documents, including pay stubs, bank statements, tax returns, a signed statement of financial hardship, and other items.

Loan modification forms and paperwork can be confusing. Attorney Carlos M. Amor can assist you with the application process to help ensure that all necessary information is included. If you aren’t sure whether a loan modification may help you in your specific situation, he will advise you. If you have already filled out an application and your mortgage servicer isn’t responding to you, or if you believe the lender may be violating Florida’s foreclosure laws, give us a call today for assistance at (954) 453-7200.

Additionally, there may be different loan modification processes and procedures depending on who your lender or loan investor is. For example, if your loan is owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, you may qualify for their flex modification program. Because of how complicated the mortgage loan industry is and how often mortgages are sold between lenders and investors, it can sometimes be hard to figure out who to approach for a loan modification and the procedures for obtaining one. You can review your loan paperwork to try and figure out who to contact. You can also reach out to our efficient loan modification attorney, Carlos M. Amor for guidance. Our law firm can help you with the complicated steps in filing for a mortgage loan modification.

Denied a Loan Modification? We Help With Appeals.

There are additional issues to consider in filing for a loan modification. If you are in foreclosure and have applied to your lender for a loan modification, they can’t complete the foreclosure process until they have given you a decision on your application.  If you are denied a loan modification, your servicer must tell you exactly why. And, as described at the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website, you may have a right to an appeal:

“If your servicer receives your complete application for loss mitigation at least 90 days before a scheduled foreclosure sale, you may also have a right to appeal if you were denied a loan modification.”

When an appeal is your last chance to get the loan modification you need to keep your home, it’s especially important at this point to get the help of a skilled attorney. Carlos M. Amor has successfully helped many Floridians keep their homes through loss mitigation procedures. He will work assertively as your legal advocate to appeal your lender’s decision.

For your convenience, our office provides free consults, by phone, via video meeting, or in person. Call us at (954) 453-7200.

What Goes Into a Loan Modification Agreement?

Our Attorney Reviews Contracts to Ensure Clients’ Interests Are Upheld

A loan modification agreement is a written contract that details the exact terms of the modified mortgage loan and the expectations you must meet. Your lender must provide a copy of the agreement to you in writing and give you at least one day to review it before you are expected to sign it. Once you’ve signed it, under Florida law, should you discover that the terms aren’t really in your interests or change your mind about the modification, you have three days from the signing date to cancel the agreement without any penalties.

If you have worked directly with the lender on your loan modification agreement and have any questions about its contents, Attorney Carlos M. Amor can review your contract before you sign it. As a well-informed loan modification lawyer, he can explain the terms to you if there is any confusion and make sure that they are not detrimental to your interests.

Reach Out to an Experienced Plantation Loan Modification Lawyer

Attorney Carlos M. Amor Fights to Keep Homeowners from Foreclosure

From years of working in real estate law, Attorney Carlos M. Amor and understand the stress and anxiety you’re facing when you can’t make your mortgage payments. The worry about potentially losing your home can strain all areas of your life, impacting both your emotional and physical well-being and that of your family.

Our Florida real estate law firm may be able to help you have your loan modified and get you on track to keep your home. If a loan modification isn’t viable in your case, we can counsel you about other possible loss mitigation options. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we can offer potential solutions.

Call our law firm today at (954) 453-7200 to schedule a time to speak with us. Attorney Amor offers free consults, by phone, via video meeting, or in person.


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