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Boca Raton Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

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Your Trusted Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Boca Raton, Florida

Are You Behind on Mortgage Payments? Carlos M. Amor May Give You A Fighting Chance

Are you contemplating contacting a Boca Raton foreclosure defense lawyer? If yes, then you’ve probably missed your mortgage payments or received a notice of default from the lender.

Fortunately, compassionate attorney Carlos M. Amor understands the panic that comes with the threat of losing your home. He’s ready to provide you with the basic knowledge and legal assistance you need to navigate this difficult phase. Let’s begin with what a foreclosure means.

Foreclosure refers to the process by which a mortgagee attempts to take control over a mortgaged property from the mortgagor. This typically happens when the mortgagor can no longer discharge their repayment obligations due to unexpected medical bills, unemployment, and other financial crises.

In some cases, however, lenders aren’t always right and may have made certain mistakes that render the foreclosure invalid. Even when you’re in mortgage default, you may still have legal alternatives and defenses to delay or stop foreclosure. So, don’t allow your cherished home to be taken away from you without a fight. With help from Carlos M. Amor, you may still be able to save your property and enjoy your investment for as long as possible.

If you're confused about how to begin your foreclosure defense process, attorney Carlos M. Amor is always here for you. Give him a ring at 954-453-7200 to schedule a free case review via your preferred medium (phone, video meeting, or in-person) now.

Can I Stop My Home from Foreclosure in Boca Raton, Florida?

Explore Your Options for Stopping a Foreclosure in Boca Raton

One thing to remember when dealing with a foreclosure threat is that your hands are not tied. There are numerous legal avenues to explore to prevent you from foreclosure or losing your home. These are the most common and probable ones:

Judicial Foreclosure Defenses

One of the ways you can stop a foreclosure is by contesting it through the judicial system. This is usually the best option when the lender has done something that can challenge the validity of the foreclosure process.

For example, the fact that a lender fraudulently made you sign the mortgage documents is a valid defense against foreclosure. Other defenses include mortgage scams, expired statute of limitations, unclean hands, lack of proper notice, etc.

Attorney Carlos M. Amor can help you challenge your lender’s right to recover your property by developing a solid foreclosure defense on your behalf. Call 954-453-7200 to determine if you’re entitled to any possible legal defenses.

Loan Modification

As you already know, the inability to pay the required installments is the primary reason for foreclosure. So, you can simply avoid losing your home by modifying the terms of the agreement to suit your current financial situation. This legal alternative to foreclosure is called loan modification and may include altering the interest rates, deferring certain payments, lessening the monthly payment, etc.

What Happens If I Don’t Defend My Foreclosure Case?

Work with Attorney Carlos M. Amor to Avoid the Consequences of a Foreclosure

Since the foreclosure process in Florida is judicial, the lender would have to file a lawsuit to sell off your home. This means that you’d be given an opportunity to defend yourself and convince the court otherwise. However, if you refuse to defend your foreclosure case by not responding to the summons, the court may enter a default judgment. A default judgment is typically in the lender’s favor and exposes you to the following consequences.


The most apparent consequence of refusing to defend your foreclosure case is that you get to lose your home. Summary judgments may give the lender the go-ahead to recover your property and sell it to offset your debt. More than just forfeiting your home, the wasted effort and money in maintaining the mortgage can cause you emotional distress.

Damage to Your Credit

Foreclosure hurts your credit score. With a foreclosure on your credit report, it may be difficult to obtain fresh loans at fair interest rates. It may also adversely impact your chances of future employment.

Deficiency Judgment 

A deficiency judgment may be entered against you if your home was sold for an amount less than what you owe. This means that you’ll still be in debt, and various collection avenues may be employed to recover the deficiency. These methods include bank levy or wage garnishment.

It’s important to fight for your home to avoid the above repercussions. Even if you don’t have a valid defense to foreclosure, alternatives like short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure may be better in your case. These legal options allow you to give up ownership of your home without harming your credit score or facing deficiency judgment. Of course, these depend on the peculiarities of your case.

Attorney Carlos M. Amor can review your case and determine what strategy works best for you.

Why Choose Attorney Carlos M. Amor?

Your Lender May Work Hard, But Carlos M. Amor Works Harder

Are you wondering whether hiring a qualified Bota Raton foreclosure defense lawyer significantly increases your chance of success? The answer is always yes. However, this largely depends on the quality of legal representation at your disposal.

While there are many foreclosure defense attorneys to choose from, attorney Carlos M. Amor makes an excellent choice for these reasons:

  • Over 15 years of practice experience in foreclosure defense
  • Client-centered approach to handling foreclosure defense cases
  • Impressive track record of successfully defending foreclosure for Boca Raton residents
  • Excellent negotiation and communication skills
  • Affordable legal service beginning with a free consultation via your preferred medium (phone call, video meeting, or in-person).

Attorney Carlos M. Amor is concerned that your home is under threat of foreclosure. He is ready to fight with you to improve your chances of keeping your home.

Common Questions Boca Raton Foreclosure Defense Clients Ask

Since foreclosure law is a gray area for many clients, it’s normal to have many questions about the topic. These are among the most common ones:

Can I Handle My Foreclosure Defense Lawsuit Myself?

There’s no law preventing you from defending your foreclosure lawsuit all by yourself. However, this approach is not the norm, as it’s often a recipe for disaster. To avoid playing right into your lender’s hands, it’s best to hire a knowledgeable attorney to defend your rights in a foreclosure case.

When Is the Right Time to Hire A Boca Raton Foreclosure Defense Lawyer? 

The best time to consult a Boca Raton foreclosure defense attorney is as soon as you receive a Notice of Default. A Notice of Default informs you that the lender intends to commence foreclosure proceedings against you. Informing your lawyer immediately after you receive this notice gives them enough time to prepare a solid defense on your behalf.

How Much Will My Attorney Charge?

Florida foreclosure defense lawyers charge professional fees based on numerous factors, including the complexity of your case and time of retainership. So, your fees depend on the peculiar circumstances surrounding your case. However, Carlos M. Amor charges fairly and affordably.

What Is The Right of Redemption Statute About?

Per Florida Stat. § 45.0315, Fla. Stat. § 45.0315 allows a mortgagor the right to cure the indebtedness “at any time before the later of the filing of the certificate of sale by the clerk of the court or the time specified in the judgment, order, or decree of foreclosure.” There is no specific time frame, having an attorney is essential to guide you through the deadlines specified by statute.

Attorney Carlos M. Amor would love to hear any more questions you may have. So, feel free to call him at 954-453-7200 to get satisfactory answers to your foreclosure concerns.

You Don’t Have to Fight Your Foreclosure Case Alone, Attorney Carlos M. Amor P.A. Is Here for You!

Don’t Waste Any More Time! Take Action to Save Your Home Now!

Florida’s laws offer you numerous protections, alternatives, and defenses to prevent you from losing your home to foreclosure. However, you can only take advantage of them when you act promptly. Time is always of the essence in foreclosure cases. Your actions during this phase are the difference between keeping and losing your home.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the next steps to take with attorney Carlos M. Amor handling your case. As a qualified foreclosure defense lawyer, he may help you save your property through solid defense strategies. With over 15 years of experience in handling cases like yours, attorney Carlos M. Amor’s track record of success remains unbeatable.

What are you waiting for? Contact Attorney Carlos M. Amor at 954-453-7200 for a free consultation this minute. You can choose to have him review your case in person, via video meeting, or a phone call.

Client Testimonial

“I have used Carlos for the last 5 or so years. He has helped me achieve 2 settlements with banks I sued, retain property out of foreclosure for good. I have used him to quiet title, evictions, getting escrow money back on deals that went bad, sending letters to people, foreclosure defense and litigation, and other real estate matter requiring a lawyer like probate cases. He is usually easy to reach on his cell, and responds quickly. He is not a rip off like most lawyers down here who charge you for paper clips and don’t know what they are talking about. I would recommend giving him a try , especially if you are using one of these rip off lawyers we have so many of in south florida.” – Buy Wholesale (Google Review)


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I've consulted with Carlos on several different legal matters throughout the years. He listened and answered all my questions.

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Carlos Amor as a lawyer is one of the best in Florida, I have to deal in my daily basis with lawyers and Carlos Amor is always prompt to help.

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Carlos went above and beyond to help me and my family. For the last 3 years he has represented me in my foreclosure case.

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The first foreclosure case was filed against me and my family’s home in 2008 and had been dismissed-refiled two times since then

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