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Most people have a vague understanding that Florida probate law has something to do with wills. However, they tend not to become intimately familiar with the complexities of the Florida probate system until someone close to them passes away. Suddenly, they are thrust into unfamiliar territory. Who can guide them through a legal process that is difficult to understand?

The best option is to seek the advice of a qualified Florida probate attorney. Your legal counsel can take you through Florida’s probate system step by step, ensuring that you understand the process and are able to make informed decisions. With their knowledge and guidance, your experience in probate court is efficient and worry-free.

Probate in Florida

When a deceased individual has assets in Florida, those assets come under the purview of Florida probate proceedings. A special division of the state’s circuit courts, known as the probate division, oversees the process of identifying the deceased individual’s assets. The paying of the individual’s debts also comes under this jurisdiction as does the distribution of assets to beneficiaries.

Probate in Florida ensures the orderly distribution of assets and the appropriate payment of debts. Thanks to the probate process, beneficiaries receive the assets that were left to them in the will or as state law dictates.

Florida Probate Assets

It may not be necessary for the probate division to intervene in cases where assets were jointly owned with surviving individuals. Similarly, when an asset like a life insurance policy names a specific beneficiary, it’s unlikely that the Florida probate courts will be involved. However, the situation changes when assets are solely owned by the deceased individual or when there is no will.

Contesting Wills in Florida

Having a will typically simplifies probate, but it is possible for family to challenge the document’s validity. The Probate Code governs this process. It is imperative that whoever has possession of the will files it shortly after the death. From there, it’s up to the court to determine validity.

That is not always an easy undertaking, which is why you may need Florida probate attorneys to provide guidance and insight. Whether you want to contest a will or defend against relatives who are determined to invalidate a will, you’ll garner peace of mind through working with experienced legal counsel.

Why Hire a Florida Probate Attorney?

The probate process is complicated, and it can even seem arbitrary to people who are unfamiliar with the laws that govern it. People may consult with Florida probate attorneys when they hope to make the probate process easier on their loved ones. Alternatively, people who have been named beneficiaries in a will may also need some sage advice. Challenging a will or defending a will against other claimants are also situations in which legal guidance is required.

When it comes to Florida probate court, you will benefit from working with experienced probate lawyers who can provide valuable advice when you need it most. Contact one of our capable practitioners today to learn more.

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