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Quiet Title


What Is A Quiet Title

A quiet title action is a special legal proceeding to determine ownership of real property.  A party with a claim of ownership to real property can file an action to quiet title, which serves as a lawsuit against anyone and everyone else who has a claim to the real property.  If the owner prevails in the quiet title action, no further challenges to the title can be brought. This type of action serves to clarify who owns title to real property.

An action to quiet title or remove a cloud on the title, on the other hand, serves to cure and perfect legal title to real property. This type of quiet title deals with removing other interest holders from title to real property.

Both forms of quiet title cases require extensive knowledge of the legal and statutory framework and the specific form of action is chosen depending on the client’s current goal or problem.


When property is acquired through a tax deed sale, a court procedure, known as a Quiet Title action is required to obtain a court order that confirms the procedure was undertaken by the Clerk of Court. It also is required to prove the tax deed sale was completed in accordance with Florida Statute. This procedure is done to eliminate any claim that the prior property owner, mortgage holder, or lien holder may have to this title. When a bidder a tax deed sale obtains the property deed, it must be free and clear of any other liens or encumbrances. This excludes certain liens for municipalities. A buyer of the tax deed property does not have a marketable title unless a Quiet Title action is successfully performed.

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