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Pre-Foreclosure Debt Reduction

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Real Debt Resolutions

with Significant Savings

If you are not in foreclosure but have either had a prior foreclosure that was dismissed or have begun receiving notices of an imminent foreclosure filing, now is the perfect time to obtain a reduced payoff for your current mortgage and re-finance with our loan evaluator. If you have been in default for several years, there is a good chance your loan was purchased by an investment group for pennies on the dollar. That means your new mortgage holder may be willing to accept a payment that is much less than what is “legally” owed on the mortgage in order to release the lien. If you and your property meet a list of specific requirements then we can find a loan for you that would pay off the prior mortgage but at the reduced a negotiated price, shaving off tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars from your current mortgage debt.


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Testimonial: Mario S.  

“The first foreclosure case was filed against me and my family’s home in 2008 and had been dismissed-refiled two times since then. When I received a notice in the mail in 2018 that suggested the bank was going to re-open my old foreclosure case I decided to take the initiative and attempt to negotiate the debt and hire an attorney before the foreclosure was filed. The mortgage on my property at that point was at $1.63 million dollars. Not only was he able to negotiate the lien with the new lender but Carlos was able to reduce the total balance down to $625K!!. That was a reduction of over $1 million dollars and comes out to 38% of the total debt previously owed. I have allowed Carlos to share the documents that prove my success story with future clients because I think this service and tactic could save thousands of people who have been in the same position since 2008. I highly recommend his services.”

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