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Hialeah Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Davie, Florida, Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Providing High-Quality Foreclosure Defense Services When You Need it Most

If you are facing a possible foreclosure, you know exactly how stressful this situation can be.  Ownership of your property is in jeopardy, as is the good standing of your financial reputation. The result of this process can impact you and your family for years to come.

Unfortunately, foreclosure in Florida is commonplace. The challenging economic environment, combined with extraordinary insurance costs, leaves many simply unable to make their mortgage payments.

In situations involving foreclosure, time is incredibly valuable.

Quick and decisive action combined with outstanding legal representation can make a very real difference in the outcome of your case.

Carlos M. Amor is well-versed in foreclosure defense law and is ready to go to work for you. He can help you avoid common foreclosure mistakes and  defend your case. Reach out to him today at 954-453-7200 to schedule your free consultation in person, via telephone, or video call, whatever is most convenient for you.

Choosing the Right Firm to Represent You

Why Engage Carlos M. Amor?

When your property ownership is at stake, identifying the right firm to help manage the legal process is important. The complexity of the laws, combined with the considerable time necessary to handle the process appropriately, makes professional guidance extremely valuable. Doing some research to determine the firm that best fits your needs should be your first course of action.

In Hialeah, many individuals elect to work with Carlos M. Amor when facing foreclosure. Below we have shared the reasons why.

  • More than 15 years of professional experience representing those facing foreclosure
  • Deep understanding of Florida real estate laws and litigation
  • Skilled negotiator and litigator
  • Well-regarded by previous clients as exemplified by their testimonials
  • Client-focused approach to service
  • Respected by peers for both his industry knowledge and ethical behavior.

Mr. Amor has spent his life in South Florida. This provides him with a firsthand understanding of the unique challenges property owners here face. He has made a life-long commitment to helping those in his community deal with foreclosure issues and is ready to go to work for you immediately.

What You Can Expect Carlos M. Amor To Do for You

Managing Your Case From Start to Finish Is His Priority

The foreclosure process is multi-faceted and requires countless steps and considerable time to complete. When you engage Carlos M. Amor as your Hialeah foreclosure defense lawyer, you can rest assured that all aspects of your case will be handled efficiently and effectively.  Mr. Amor will:

  • Take the time to carefully review all documentation regarding your potential foreclosure
  • Explain your options
  • Identify any errors made by your lender as they serviced your mortgage
  • Confirm that any actions taken by your lender were in accordance with the law
  • Assume responsibility for all communications
  • Complete and file all necessary paperwork in accordance with your lender’s deadlines
  • Answer your questions
  • Manage the process from beginning to end.

Carlos M. Amor appreciates that this process is overwhelming to his clients. He has a reputation for providing a sense of calm during what can be an incredibly frightening time.  You can count on him to work tirelessly on your behalf, identifying your best options, and working hard to achieve them.

Carlos M. Amor Addresses Your Frequently Asked Questions

Foreclosures Are Confusing

Carlos M. Amor recognizes that no two foreclosure situations are the same. That said, many of his clients ask the same questions, and their answers are valuable to all.  Below are some of the frequently asked questions about foreclosures.

What happens during the pre-foreclosure period?

After missed mortgage payments but before a foreclosure notice, lenders are required by law to send a written letter of foreclosure. At this time you could look at possible resolutions, including forbearance, loan modification, or repayment plans. You may also elect to enter into a short sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure. Your Hialeah foreclosure defense attorney will provide counsel as to which options may be appropriate for you.

What is a mortgage forbearance?

This process provides the borrower with a temporary halt or reduction of their mortgage payments. It is appropriate when buyers are faced with short-term financial difficulties. Your foreclosure defense lawyer in Hialeah can let you know if this is possible.

Why would I want to do a deed in lieu of foreclosure?

While this situation does result in your losing your home (possession is given to the lender), it prevents a foreclosure from going on your credit record. This can help protect your financial reputation.

I have been paying my mortgage on time, why would I get a foreclosure notice?

Your lender may have made an error; this happens frequently. Your Hialeah foreclosure attorney can review your mortgage documents and records and identify possible errors, including their failure to pay property taxes. If they did make a mistake, your attorney can help address it.

My lender filed a foreclosure lawsuit against me in Hialeah. How long do I have to respond?

Once you receive notice of the lawsuit, you have 20 days to provide a written response. Work with a seasoned foreclosure attorney in crafting this. Neglecting to respond will result in continuation of the foreclosure.

As a foreclosure defense attorney in Hialeah, Carlos M. Amor realizes that you likely have a host of questions more specific to your case. Reach out to him today to schedule a free consultation during which he can learn about your case and provide more specific information.

Threat of Foreclosure Is Serious

Contact a Hialeah Foreclosure Defense Attorney Today

If you have received a notice of foreclosure, or believe you will, time is of the essence. These processes tend to move quickly and have firm deadlines. Inaction is not an option. Identifying and engaging a qualified Hialeah foreclosure defense attorney as soon as possible is paramount to better understanding your situation and formulating a plan to move forward.

Carlos M. Amor has been handling foreclosure cases his entire career.

He understands and appreciates the stress associated with these actions and is committed to protecting members of his community facing troubling real estate issues. Helping them to help protect their properties and their financial reputation is his ultimate goal.

If you live in Hialeah and are facing possible foreclosure, Carlos M. Amor may be able to help. Contact him today at 954-453-7200 to schedule your free consultation.  During this meeting Mr. Amor can gain a greater understanding of the specifics of your situation and share how he would approach your case.

Client Testimonial

“I have used Carlos for the last 5 or so years. He has helped me achieve 2 settlements with banks I sued, retain property out of foreclosure for good. I have used him to quiet title, evictions, getting escrow money back on deals that went bad, sending letters to people, foreclosure defense and litigation, and other real estate matter requiring a lawyer like probate cases. He is usually easy to reach on his cell, and responds quickly. He is not a rip off like most lawyers down here who charge you for paper clips and don’t know what they are talking about. I would recommend giving him a try , especially if you are using one of these rip off lawyers we have so many of in south florida.” – Buy Wholesale (Google Review)


Lori P.

I've consulted with Carlos on several different legal matters throughout the years. He listened and answered all my questions.

Lori Peterson

Luis A.

Carlos Amor as a lawyer is one of the best in Florida, I have to deal in my daily basis with lawyers and Carlos Amor is always prompt to help.

Luis Albarracin

Richard S.

Carlos went above and beyond to help me and my family. For the last 3 years he has represented me in my foreclosure case.

Richard Shaw

Mario S.

The first foreclosure case was filed against me and my family’s home in 2008 and had been dismissed-refiled two times since then

Mario S.

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