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Davie, Florida, Real Estate Lawyer

Davie, Florida, Real Estate Lawyer

Davie, Florida, Real Estate Lawyer

Legal matters are rarely as simple as they should be, and real estate transactions are no exception. Even when it seems that the process is going smoothly, with no complications or complexities, it is always possible for something to come up at the last minute and throw everything into chaos. As a trusted Davie, Florida, real estate lawyer, the law firm of The Law Office of Carlos M. Amor, P.A., knows how to deal with every real estate situation imaginable.

Carlos M. Amor is both a Davie, Florida, real estate attorney and a licensed broker, so he has the level of experience and knowledge it takes to tackle a wide range of challenging scenarios involving property. He is prepared to address even the most complex legal subjects. With the law firm of Carlos M. Amor, you can rest assured that we will always strive to give you the best possible outcome.

We do not shy away from taking on cases that appear to be extremely difficult. We relish this challenge. We offer free consultations by phone, via video meeting, or in person, matching our method of communication to the format that best fits your needs. Call 954-453-7200 today for a free case review.

Why Our Clients Choose the Law Firm of Carlos M. Amor as Their Trusted Real Estate Attorney in Davie, FL

Other Real Estate Lawyers in Davie, Florida, Cannot Match Our Status as a Licensed Broker

One of the most important benefits our Davie, Florida, real estate attorney provides for our clients is the ability to serve as both an attorney and a licensed broker. With more than a decade of experience, Carlos M. Amor’s background has allowed him to develop a thorough understanding of real estate law.

Some of the added services attorney Carlos M. Amor may be able to provide include:

  • Emotional support: Because he works with clients throughout the home-buying process, Carlos M. Amor is familiar with all the difficulties that they might face along the way. Along with legal advice, he can provide emotional support to his clients when things get hard and join them in celebrating their success.
  • Buying at foreclosure auctions: Trying to purchase property that is in the foreclosure process can become complex quite quickly. Carlos M. Amor has the knowledge and background necessary to approach these purchases from both a real estate and legal perspective. He can guide you through all the vital steps that are unique to properties in foreclosure.
  • Future plans: You may be looking to purchase a property with the idea of transforming it into something new within a few months. When Carlos M. Amor knows your plans for the property, he may be able to help you work through the buying process with the legal ramifications of your future actions in mind.
  • Anticipating problems: Carlos M. Amor is involved in the real estate transaction process from start to finish as both a broker and a lawyer, so he can see problems that may be coming on the horizon. By anticipating those potential challenges, he can begin to work to counteract them before they gain traction and leave your transaction in jeopardy.

If you are still not sure that the law firm of Carlos M. Amor is right for your case, do not take our word for it. Time and again, clients have shared their stories of success, highlighting how the knowledge, experience, and compassion of Carlos M. Amor make this firm exceptional.

We Can Provide Real Estate Dispute Resolution

Whether you are facing a dispute over the purchase of a particular piece of property, a current property that you own that is at risk of going into the foreclosure process, or conflicts with tenants, our Davie, Florida, real estate lawyer is ready to jump into action on your behalf.

For example, if you are selling a property and the party making the purchase decides to back out at the last minute, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit. This party’s decision to cancel the deal after signing a contract might cause you to lose not only a lot of money, but also the chance to sell the property to someone else. You deserve the opportunity to try to recover these losses by filing a civil lawsuit, and Carlos M. Amor is ready to help. He does not back down when the other party is refusing to live up to its promises or is falsely accusing you of violating the terms of the contract.

Contact Our Davie, Florida, Real Estate Attorney Today

If you are involved in either a commercial or a residential property transaction or dispute, attorney Carlos M. Amor has the experience and skills to navigate through the entire process, offering legal guidance to help resolve the situation as quickly as possible. He is ready to begin representing you as soon as you are ready to move forward.

Call the law firm of Carlos M. Amor for a free real estate dispute consultation at 954-453-7200. We know how important timeliness is when dealing with a dispute over real estate, and we will do everything in our power to achieve the resolution that you would like to see.

Common Questions for Our Davie, Florida, Real Estate Lawyer

Our Davie, Florida, Real Estate Attorney Takes Pride in Being Responsive to Our Clients’ Needs

One of the ways attorney Carlos M. Amor sets his firm apart from other real estate lawyers in Davie, Florida, is by being consistently available to speak with our clients and answer important questions. Here are some of the most frequent questions we receive from clients. We hope that our answers can give you a better feel for how we engage with our clients and respond to a variety of situations.

Do I have to hire an attorney for property transactions?

Nothing in Florida state law requires you to hire an attorney to purchase a piece of property. However, because this is a legally binding transaction, failing to consider all the legal ramifications of the process before signing the contract could leave you in a bind down the road, costing you a significant amount of money. Attorney Carlos M. Amor will do everything possible to ensure that your transaction is fully legal. This could help you avoid problems from the outset.

What do real estate lawyers in Davie, Florida, do?

Real estate attorneys in Davie, Florida, perform a wide range of services for clients. They help with transactions, including working toward resolving disputes and ensuring a clean title on a property. Additionally, they may be able to help with zoning and land use issues. Should you have a property boundary dispute, an attorney can represent you. Among many other services, they can also draw up real estate contracts for rentals and leases.

Can a Davie, Florida, real estate lawyer walk me through the home-buying process?

Yes! Purchasing a home involves quite a few legal procedures that most people do not consider ahead of time. Hiring Carlos M. Amor gives you the best chance of avoiding an unwelcome legal surprise.

Can I just rely on my realtor to handle my real estate issue?

Realtors excel at finding properties and helping you negotiate a purchase, but they do not have the legal experience to represent you when complexities arise. Carlos M. Amor is both a real estate attorney in Davie, Florida, and a licensed broker, as defined in Florida statute Chapter 475, so he has a definitive advantage in serving clients versus someone who holds only a realtor license.

Can your Davie, Florida, real estate lawyer make sure my offer to buy a house is accepted?

We do not guarantee that the seller will accept your offer. In the end, that decision is solely up to the seller. However, Carlos M. Amor can help you put together an offer that is sure to fit the legal demands of the seller. He can also examine the purchase from a legal standpoint so that it aligns with your desires and requirements. Finally, he can ensure that the seller follows through on all demands that you make as part of the contract, while offering you legal protection at every step.

What are some of the most common legal problems found with real estate?

When entering into a contract regarding a property, disputes over the specific requirements in the contract are common, as two parties may interpret them differently. Misrepresentation of the condition of the property is another common legal problem. In these situations, the seller may not have followed the law regarding disclosures, as specified in Florida statute 689.25 and other statutes.

You should never be left in the dark regarding the status of your real estate transaction or case, so our goal is to provide frequent updates. In addition to offering free reviews of your case over the telephone, via video conferencing, or in person, Carlos M. Amor is available to answer your questions and address your concerns at any stage during your case. You can always feel comfortable reaching out to him no matter the circumstances.

Trust Our Davie, Florida, Real Estate Lawyer to Treat Your Case with the Utmost Professionalism

Carlos M. Amor Is Ready to Begin Serving You Immediately

When it comes to a real estate transaction, most of us simply want the process to go smoothly and quickly. Unfortunately, events outside of your control can lead to tricky legal disputes related to the transaction. Attorney Amor in Davie, Florida, regularly sees these legal issues firsthand. Over the years, he has worked with multiple clients who came to him after becoming entangled in a legal problem. In every case, he has been dedicated to helping them successfully and efficiently overcome these frustrating hurdles.

However, if these clients had hired our Davie, Florida, real estate lawyer Carlos M. Amor from the start of the process, he may have been able to avert many of these problems before they had the chance to take hold and make the entire transaction increasingly complex. Hiring attorney Amor as early as possible in the process of your real estate transaction or legal dispute gives him the best opportunity to keep things on track, while always working to avoid unnecessary complications.

Call Our Davie, Florida, Real Estate Lawyer Today

Property transactions, especially those involving a home, can be extremely emotional. That is why it is so important to have strong and consistent support from your legal representation. Whether you choose to hire our real estate lawyer at the start of your transaction, or at some other point along the way, the law firm of Carlos M. Amor, P.A., will be ready to help. He treats all his clients with the professionalism they deserve, and he will do everything he can to try to make the process as seamless as possible.

We offer a free consultation when you call us at 954-453-7200. Our Davie, Florida, real estate lawyer, Carlos M. Amor will use this time to learn more about your case and to prepare to give you advice that we hope can bring about the resolution you are seeking. You are under no obligation to hire us after this free review of your case.


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I've consulted with Carlos on several different legal matters throughout the years. He listened and answered all my questions.

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Carlos Amor as a lawyer is one of the best in Florida, I have to deal in my daily basis with lawyers and Carlos Amor is always prompt to help.

Luis Albarracin

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Carlos went above and beyond to help me and my family. For the last 3 years he has represented me in my foreclosure case.

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The first foreclosure case was filed against me and my family’s home in 2008 and had been dismissed-refiled two times since then

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