Real Estate Transactions

We have experience facilitating the following real estate transactions:

  • Short sales

    We help clients unload unmarketable properties and discharge mortgages.

  • Residential and commercial transactions

    Our brokers, title agents and realtors help clients buy and sell residential and commercial properties.

  • Residential and commercial leases

    Clients turn to us when they need leases that protect their best interests written in clear, concise terms.

  • Contract Review

    Our firm reviews contracts to make sure our clients are getting the best deal available.

  • Contract disputes

    When problems arise between landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers, neighbors and business partners, our attorneys help resolve disputes efficiently and effectively.

  • Time shares

    Our team of legal and real estate professionals helps clients buy and sell time shares, and transition time shares to younger family members.

  • Restructuring ownership

    We help clients transfer the ownership of their properties to protect their assets.

  • International Buyers

    The firm helps international buyers purchase and sell U.S.-based properties.

FREE Foreclosure Defense

If you are already contemplating a deed in lieu of foreclosure or a short sale, our firm will provide FREE Foreclosure Defense Representation while we process your short sale. In order to qualify for the Free Foreclosure Defense Services you must sign a listing agreement with CARLOS M. AMOR P.A. and allow your property to be listed on the MLS. The Foreclosure Defense will encompass full service legal representation for as long as your property is listed. Once your property is sold, the foreclosure case will be dismissed and there will be no court judgment entered against you. Best of all most sellers/borrowers will qualitfy for Relocation Assistance Funds typically in the amount of $3,000.00 at closing.


Carlos M. Amor P.A. is a Law Firm and a Real Estate Brokerage working closely with title agents, brokers and realtors in-house. We eliminate middlemen and work as a full service real estate team, leaving clients free from having to manage several relationships with many professionals as we oversee all aspects of the process.


We are a full-service real estate group. Whether you are looking for a simple sale of your residential home, or need help preventing foreclosure through a short sale, our team of experienced legal and real estate professionals can help.


equalhl-logoCarlos M. Amor P.A. seamlessly combines legal practice and real estate licensure to facilitate efficient real estate transactions. Typical real estate transactions involve an unorganized group of unrelated professionals —attorneys, title and closing agents, brokers and realtors. These professionals operate under different organizations and it is sometimes left to the client to pass communications from one professional to the next, organize schedules and help facilitate the entire transaction.