Get Results

Excellent Attorney. Get results! Highly recommend his services!

– Cecilia L

Law Firm Is Amazing

Carlos M. Amor law firm is amazing ,they handled my legal affairs with out a hitch. I was very nervous about my potential outcome , but Mr.Amor, being well versed in the mater was able to give me a clear explanation of my possible outcomes, ultimately easing my fears.
I will continue to recommend Mr. Amor’s legal counsel to any family member or close friend dealing with any legal issues.he is a very honest man. Thank you Carlos M. Amor.

– Ermione J

A True Advocate

Carlos is a true advocate for his clients! You are in great hands with him on your team to assist you

– Jennifer L

Knowledgeable Attorney

Carlos Amor is a very knowledgeable real estate attorney! He cares about his clients and is very conscientious. I would highly recommend Carlos Amor for any real estate transaction.

Yanire L

I’m Impressed

It has been close to impossible for me to find a lawyer than is honest, and has a pasion for what they do. My past experiences with former lawyers has been the typical ,”money hungry , who cares if they win or loose law firm”, that has you end up dealing with maily their unknoledgable assistant or paralegal. But my experience with Carlos Amor Law Firm was the exact opposite. He truly and honestly cares about his clients. He handled my case as if it were his personal case. We became a team in addressing my legal issue. He did not leave me in the dark, he kept me informed of every step I needed to take in rectifying my legal issue. His professionalism was more than I exspected. Thank you Mr.Amor for your legal advice and help. Your firm is the best.

Experienced no nonsense attorney

Before I give the wrong impression I will first say that I have not officially retained Mr. Amor. However, I have received counsel, pro bono, from him on a number of legal issues. Not that he is a charity case or anything, but he has provided great service on a number of criminal matters as well as civil matters as it relates to foreclosure. He is very honest up front and will not lie to you just to get your money. I know this because in my experience he has told me exactly what I needed to do to get the relief I was seeking, it just so happens that the matters I had really did not require a lawyer and I could have done it on my own. He actually saved me $3k in attorney’s fees I would otherwise had to pay. If its a criminal matter, foreclosure ro bankruptcy I would not hesitate to recommend, as far as other areas of law I cannot vouch for that. He worth the call.

Very knowledgeable and reliable

Carlos was very easy to work with from the start. His knowledge in the Real Estate field was an asset to our business transaction! I would work with him again without hesitation.

Excellent attorney

Very helpful, attentive and explicit regarding the different options that are available when you can no longer afford your home/residence.

Good Results

Carlos handles most all my legal matters from Appeals, to quiet title, to escrow disputes, to foreclosure defense, and other miscellaneous matters surrounding Real Estate and money.
He handles over 7 cases for me at this time.
His fees are economical compared to most lawyers who are rip off artists with hourly billing and huge retainers, and even bigger promises. Those are the lawyers you should run from.
He is easy to reach compared to other lawyers who once you pay them you cant reach them.

He keeps me informed.

I dont know of any mistakes he has made yet. Other lawyers I have used such as Kalis and Klienman have made major mistakes, and they are one of the expensive law firms, so by paying more etc you dont always get what you pay for. His services have value. He has helped me recover money from escrow, have banks dismiss their foreclosure case at trial, and has been successful at removing a mortgages off title thorough litigation. I have used many lawyers, good and bad and have lost a lot of money using the wrong lawyers. I would recommend using Carlos as he is the best that I have been able to find so far.

Awesome attorney with clients best interest in mind

Carlos has been instrumental in delivering above and beyond what I expected. I dealt with him on numerous real estate transactions and he has surpassed my expectations each time. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for an honest and hard working attorney. I could not be any happier with my decision and know he will help you too!