Real Estate Transactions

We have experience facilitating the following real estate transactions:

  • Short sales

    We help clients unload unmarketable properties and discharge mortgages.

  • Residential and commercial transactions

    Our brokers, title agents and realtors help clients buy and sell residential and commercial properties.

  • Residential and commercial leases

    Clients turn to us when they need leases that protect their best interests written in clear, concise terms.

  • Contract Review

    Our firm reviews contracts to make sure our clients are getting the best deal available.

  • Contract disputes

    When problems arise between landlords and tenants, buyers and sellers, neighbors and business partners, our attorneys help resolve disputes efficiently and effectively.

  • Restructuring ownership

    We help clients transfer the ownership of their properties to protect their assets.

  • International Buyers

    The firm helps international buyers purchase and sell U.S.-based properties.