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Contract Drafting & Disputes

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No Matter How Complex Your Contract Is,

You’re Always In Good Hands With Us.

If you need a real estate contract drafted to sell or lease real estate property in Florida, you need the help of a trusted attorney. Whether you have a dispute with a business partner or need to create a lease for a rental property, you can trust in Carlos Amor PA to handle your real estate contract drafting.


We take great pride in providing you with fast, honest, and affordable legal services. No matter how complex your contract is, you’re always in good hands with us.


We Provide Our Services to:

  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Neighbors
  • Business partners


Protect Yourself


When it comes to legally binding contracts, you need to verify that your rights are protected. The last thing you need is to word an agreement wrong and leave yourself vulnerable. By choosing to work with Carlos Amor PA, you’re electing to maintain maximum protection throughout the duration of your contract or lease. We’ll help you create the contract you need in a short amount of time without compromising the quality of our service.


Let Us Handle Your Disputes


Do you have a business partner, tenant, or potential buyer who is dissatisfied with your contract? If you answered yes, let our firm help you. We’ll work closely with you to ensure you can reach an agreement without jeopardizing your interest. Our office has numerous years of experience in effectively handling contract disputes across the state of Florida.


Your Needs Matter to Us


While your business partner may not understand how important it is to you to protect your finances and future, we do. It’s not easy to separate a personal relationship from a business relationship, but it’s something that must be done to ensure your future isn’t compromised. No matter what your contract drafting needs are, our real estate attorney is committed to providing you with everything you need in a rock-solid contract.


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It’s time for you to protect yourself. While downloading a contract off the Internet may seem like a good choice, thats not always the case. You need our legal expertise to ensure you’re protected at all times. Call us now to schedule an appointment for affordable contracting drafting and dispute services.

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