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Real Estate Contracts in Florida

Real estate is one of the most expensive and significant investments you can make. Whether you are buying, selling, or leasing residential or commercial property in Florida, it is wise to get the help of a trusted contract drafting attorney to safeguard your interests. At the law firm of Carlos M. Amor, P.A., our attorney, who is also a licensed broker, has extensive experience drafting and reviewing real estate contracts for every type of need and situation.

Preparing real estate contracts is a complex endeavor that requires in-depth knowledge of Florida contract law and real estate practices. As a leading real estate lawyer in the state, Carlos M. Amor understands the intricacies involved in preparing solid contracts that stand up to potential legal challenges. He also reviews previously drafted contracts to help ensure they adequately represent clients’ needs and don’t infringe on their rights.

You’re in Good Hands with Our Law Firm

Our law firm takes pride in delivering fast, honest, and affordable legal services to real estate clients. No matter how complicated your real estate transaction is, you are in good hands with us. You can count on Carlos M. Amor to create a contract designed to protect your interests and to carefully advise you in contract reviews. Give us a call at 954-453-7200 to schedule an appointment to get started. Attorney Amor offers free consults, by phone, via video meeting or in person.

Why You Need a Skilled Contract Drafting Lawyer

We Protect Your Rights in Real Estate Transactions

Wherever you are in your real estate transactional process, seeking advice and services from an experienced lawyer may help you avoid expensive problems down the road. Carlos M. Amor prepares legal contracts that are specifically tailored to individual situations and needs. While realtors may pull boilerplate contract forms off the internet for real estate transactions, Carlos M. Amor drafts contracts that include terms that uniquely protect a buyer, seller, or other clients’ specific interests.

Our Florida law firm drafts real estate contracts for buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, business partners, and others. If you are a buyer, we will review the seller’s contract or a realtor’s contract to make sure you are protected and treated fairly. If you are the seller, we can draft a complete agreement or review the one you have. We also work with those buying or selling property on their own without a real estate agent. And we prepare and review contracts for commercial and residential leases and rentals.

Whatever your real estate contract need is, attorney Carlos M. Amor is well-versed in contract laws related to both residential and commercial properties.

Types of Agreements Prepared by our Florida Contract Drafting Lawyer

Effective Preparation of Full Range of Real Estate Contracts

Whether the property involved is a single-family home, condominium, apartment building, office building, or piece of land, a contract is required to transfer ownership of any type.

While real estate contracts set out the terms of the transaction, including essential information such as the address of the property, the purchase price, any deposit required and the closing date, contingencies may also be included. Contingencies describe certain conditions that must be met for the purchase or sale to go through. If they are not met, depending on the circumstances, either the buyer or seller may be able to back out of the transaction.

As a real estate contract drafting attorney, Carlos M. Amor understands the necessary terms and conditions to include in the different types of contracts. No matter how complex your contract may become, you can rely on attorney Amor to put the firm’s resources to work to effectively draft it.

Examples of Real Estate Contracts in Florida

Examples of common real estate contracts handled by Carlos M. Amor include:

  • Purchase and sale agreements that transfer ownership of residential and commercial properties
  • Lease agreements that lay out lease terms for lessors and lessees
  • Easement agreements that describe what another party’s property can be used for
  • Right-of-way easements that allow one party to travel across another’s property
  • Development agreements for developing real property
  • Option to purchase and right-of-first refusal agreements that give specific buyers exclusive rights to purchase properties based on certain terms and conditions
  • Title curative documents to fix title defects that can stop property sales.

No matter your contract needs, Carlos M. Amor has a reputation for providing the highest quality service. Call our Florida contract drafting lawyer to schedule an appointment at 954-453-7200.

How Our Real Estate Contract Lawyer Can Help You

Every real estate transaction includes contractual agreements. But not every contract is created equally. Before you sign any contract, it’s critical that it includes terms and language that protect your rights. With so much at stake financially, and often emotionally, you don’t want to casually sign on the dotted line. Carlos M. Amor works hard toward saving clients time, money and frustration down the road by looking out for their rights from the very beginning to the end of the contract development process.

Reasons for Hiring a Contracts Attorney

While every real estate transaction is different, there are common reasons for hiring a contract drafting attorney. In addition to drafting new contracts, an attorney can help you by:

  • Explaining contract terms: Whether you are a buyer or seller, lessor or lessee, you have a say in the terms included in a real estate purchase, sales or lease contract. To start, Carlos M. Amor will clearly explain each contract term or condition, so you can gain a thorough understanding of what is involved. Our well-informed attorney is prepared to answer any questions you have about the terms of the contract. With this increased knowledge, you can make the best decisions for your personal situation.
  • Inserting additional terms or conditions: Our attorney will insert any necessary restrictions, covenants and easements, inspection clauses, disclosures, or contingency clauses (such as the sale being contingent upon the buyer’s ability to secure a mortgage) that your agreement requires.
  • Conducting a thorough contract review: Before you sign a contract presented by the other party or agree to any of its terms, it’s essential to request a review by an experienced real estate contract attorney who understands Florida law. Carlos M. Amor will help ensure that the contract upholds your interests and does not violate your rights.

Avoid surprises, stressful negotiations, and drawn-out litigation by planning ahead. By working with Carlos M. Amor, a real estate contract lawyer in Florida, you’ll know what needs to be included in your contracts from start to finish, avoiding unnecessary problems. Call us today at 954-453-7200 to learn more.

Get a Comprehensive Review of Your Real Estate Contract

When it comes to legally binding real estate contracts, you need to verify that your rights are always protected. The last thing you want is to word an agreement wrong and leave yourself vulnerable or have language inserted by the other party that violates your interests.

Requesting a contract review by our experienced Florida real estate contract lawyer before signing on the bottom line will increase the chances that you are protected throughout the duration of your contract or lease.

Here are just a few examples of when a contract review by an experienced attorney is beneficial:

  • A seller presents you with their drafted contract, or vice versa. The contract may include terms or conditions worded in a way that is confusing or that you simply don’t like. A review can pinpoint these issues and provide fair solutions.
  • Often, a buyer makes an offer through their realtor, a common practice here in Florida. The realtor provides the parties with a standardized contract that may or may not be in your best interests. A coordinated review by your attorney can help ensure that you are not signing your rights away, but that the contract fits your needs.
  • Every real property is unique, and so is every buyer or seller. While you may find standard contract templates online for Florida real estate options, these may not serve you well. Contact us for a review of the included clauses, and we will offer legal advice to ensure you are protected.

Remember, buying, selling, and leasing property is a big financial commitment. Carlos M. Amor can review your contract to help make sure the transaction is a favorable one for you.

Business Contract Lawyer Aids in Commercial Property Matters

Purchasing or leasing commercial real estate in Florida can be complex, often requiring a lengthy process. As an attorney with a strong focus in commercial property, Carlos M. Amor can help you with real estate transactions involving your business. Whether you are buying or leasing a property for your company operations, our business contract lawyer develops solid agreements to help ensure that the property can be used in the way you need it to be. Carlos M. Amor drafts and reviews contracts for easements, property development and other areas of concern to business owners.

And if you’re involved in a business relationship, such as a partnership that involves a shared real estate purchase or lease, it’s essential to see that your personal rights are protected. Carlos M. Amor can review business partnership agreements to be sure the terms and conditions safeguard your rights and interests in real estate matters. If there is a contract dispute or breach of contract situation of a business contract that involves real estate, Carlos M. Amor will be on your side.

Contact Our Real Estate Contract Lawyer Carlos M. Amor for Help

In Florida real estate transactions, the contract controls the deal, which is why the contract must be exactly as you need it to be to safeguard your interests. All it takes is one wrong word, phrase, or clause in a contract to cause a delay or end the transaction completely.

With experience in both Florida contract law and real estate transactions, our contract drafting attorney knows how to proceed to meet your needs and keep you protected.

Here at Carlos M. Amor, P.A., we offer a full range of legal services, including contract drafting, negotiating, and reviewing, to both residential and commercial real estate clients. Give us a call today at 954-453-7200 to schedule a consultation. Attorney Amor offers free consults, by phone, via video meeting or in person.

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