Estate Planning

If you have ever felt that estate planning was too frightening or overwhelming, then it’s time to work with an experienced Florida estate planning attorney. With their assistance, you’ll see that estate planning is easier than you think. Moreover, it ensures that your desires will be fulfilled after your death.

Avoid Probate and Unnecessary Taxes

When someone dies without a will, it falls to the court system to distribute your assets. This is a protracted, difficult process. All assets will be taxed to the maximum, which means that the people that you want to inherit your assets will receive a reduced amount. Unless, that is, you work with an estate planning attorney in Florida.

Everyone Can Make an Estate Plan

Whether you are wealthy or of modest means, you can benefit from estate planning. Our experienced practitioners have helped countless clients create wills, powers of attorney, trusts and other important documents. With our efforts, clients can avoid much of the long and costly probate process while also ensuring that their wishes will be known and followed after their death. The more thorough your estate plan is, the less likely it is that your wishes will be challenged by a family member. You’ll be giving yourself the gift of peace of mind while also lessening the stress felt by your relatives after your passing.

Wills and Trusts

Our Florida estate planning lawyers are dedicated to helping you craft a comprehensive and sensible estate plan. Usually, we start with drafting a will. These documents may be straightforward or complex, depending upon the needs and wishes of each individual client. We may also introduce you to living trusts, an estate planning product that essentially manages your assets for your beneficiaries. With a living trust in place, it may be possible to avoid probate.

Caring For Those With Special Needs

Estate planning can be especially critical when you have a special needs child to care for. Even if that child or other dependent is an adult, you may want to ensure that he or she will have adequate financial support when you are gone. A special needs trust can fulfill this requirement while still allowing the disabled individual to collect full Medicaid, SSI and other benefits. It may also be worth exploring the possibility of setting up a guardianship for the disabled individual to ensure that they receive the very best care and protection.

Powers of Attorney and Living Wills

Another crucial part of estate planning is setting up powers of attorney and a living will. In the event that you become incapacitated and can no longer make decisions relating to your ongoing medical care, your power of attorney or living will goes into effect. Typically, these documents will appoint someone you trust to ensure that your wishes are known and adhered to, giving your loved ones tremendous peace of mind.

Estate planning is a complex process that requires the guidance and advice of experienced legal counsel. Contact Carlos A. Amor today.

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